Unexpected Uses of QR Codes

While QR codes are used on a daily basis to promote businesses and get traffic to websites, there are quite a few novel ways that QR codes are being used. Instead of placing the codes on the page of a magazine or a business card you could create the code from a more interesting medium, like some british football players. Some businesses and groups of people are thinking outside the box with the way they are implementing their QR codes and that could result in real benefits.

Salvation Army

The red salvation army kettles are well known outside of popular businesses throughout the holiday season. When you pass them by you may be inclined to drop in any spare change, or loose bills if you have them. The only problem with that system is that if you don't happen to have any cash on you, and you want to donate you're out of luck. In the past the salvation army tried to make it possible to donate with credit cards but the process took too long, and only generated 60,000 dollars which seems like a lot until you compare it to the over 200 million in donations from the red kettles. The Salvation Army is placing signs with QR codes alongside their kettles this year in hopes of gaining more donations. The theory is that if you don't have any spare change available you can simply scan the code with your smart phone and you will be taken to a website where you can quickly make a donation that comes out of your bank account.

QR Code Haircut

The entire starting lineup of the Bromly FC Football club in England shaved QR codes on the back of their heads in support of a site known as Betfair. The football club is an underdog and they could use the extra publicity. The haircut was pulled off by stylist Daniel Johnson who shaped the codes using a pair of hair clippers. When the codes are scanned from the proper distance they will take people to the Betfair website.

Add More Personality to That Present

JC Penny has begun to add QR codes to the outside of their gift wrapped presents that customers purchase for other people around the holiday. After the presents have been purchased, the customers can scan the codes and are taken to a website where they can record a message for the receiver of the gift. After the message is recorded you simply give the gift to your loved one and they are able to view your message by scanning the code. This is an innovative way to add a little more personality to a gift when you can't be there to deliver it yourself.

The full potential for QR codes is still untapped and by being inventive you can create completely new ways for your QR codes to help improve your business.