QR Code Features

There are many features out there for the QR codes. This is because they cover a wide range of things, and make sure that you get the most when the time comes to use these codes. They have a lot of differences from the normal barcodes that you notice in stores on items. They can hold so much more information that what traditional ones are able to hold. Not only that, but you can put a lot of other types of data right into the codes as well. Nothing could be as good as this. Check out all of the wonderful features of a QR code.

They have a high capacity encoding of a lot of different types of data. Traditional barcodes are able to hold up to 20 numbers or letters. QR codes can hold up to several dozen numbers and letters. This is quite a bit more information for a barcode to hold. QR codes are also able to handle almost any type of data and characters, not just the letters and numbers of traditional barcodes.

QR codes can actually hold more information in a very small amount of space compared to a normal barcode which makes them more compact and easier to scan. This allows the user to put a lot of information in a small space. There are also micro QR codes that are available for use as well as the normal sized ones.

Another perk about these codes is that they are able to read a lot of different languages. They do not have to be English letters or numbers. They can read a lot and still be able to function in a normal manner even in a different language.

They are able to be restored if there is some damage done to them. They might even still be able to be read through a scanner. This is probably one of the biggest things that a lot of people do not know about these codes. They are sometimes self mending, and the encoded information tends to stick.

They can be read in any direction. This is another great thing about them compared to the traditional barcodes. With traditonal barcodes, the scanner and the code have to be lined up vertically in order for the item to be scanned. Using these codes, there is no need for lining up perfectly.

The information within the QR code can be divided up into specific areas in the code. This allows the user to read just the information on one side, or choose to go to the other information stored on the other. This cannot be done with a traditional barcode.

Now that we have learned a lot about what a QR code can do, you should take a second and think about just how much technology is expanding, and just how much will change as it continues too. What is next for the future after QR codes?