How to Use a QR Code

By now you have probably noticed one of the odd looking square shaped bar codes that are appearing on many food products, and magazines today. Those squares are known as QR codes and they can be used to access content easily. Instead of writing down a website name and searching it when you get home, you can simply scan the code and be brought to the site instantly. Many other companies are using the codes to give you access to product information, and a quick code on a business card could list off information for the business.

Using a QR code may seem like a confusing prospect at first glance, but they are actually relatively simple to use. You have to have access to a smartphone with a camera, QR code software, and a connection to the internet. Smartphones are able to read QR codes by taking a picture of them and processing the camera image. After the image has been processed all of the information from the code is automatically entered into your phone, and that is when you will be brought to the website, or be able to view the information stored within the code.

The application that processes the QR code is easy to obtain for free in most cases, but must obtained in a different way depending on the type of phone you have. For phones with a Windows Mobile Operating system a program can be found by simply doing a quick search engine search for a QR code application. With a blackberry the application should be obtained from the blackberry app store and Android Phones have several supporting applications in their application store.

After you have the application you simply open it up and line your camera up with the QR code. After the code is lined up you take a picture of it and the software will go to work processing it. If you are connected to the Internet and the code contains a command to send you to a website you will be immediately taken to the site. Other codes may store product information or contact information right on your phone for reference purposes.

QR codes are simple to use after you understand all of the steps that must be taken. By tapping into this simple concept you gain access to a whole array of new information that you would otherwise not be able to see. You can hold information at your fingertips and simplify your life. The codes are also useful for granting excess to exclusive information and content. Many times contest entries are carried out through the codes and promotional information is given away. Now that you understand how to use the codes get out there and see what you have been missing out on. Maybe you will come across something new and exciting in your regular magazines or even the grocery aisle, that you never would have seen before.