Marketing and Customer Service in Hotels Done by QR Code

QR codes are now found everywhere. Sometimes they are found in places that you would not normally think they are. This is because they might not be used as you would normally see them used for other companies. However, there are a lot of uses for these QR codes that are not marketing specific for the company or business. Hotel have a way to apply them to their service strategy, allowing them to have better customer service, and keep their customers happy when staying with them in the hotel. Is this a type of technology that is going to go away within the next year? Do you think it is actually here to stay?

The offline world can be connected directly to an online platform when these codes are used. This can be done when a Smartphone scans the code and reads the information within it. The customer is then directed to where the makers wants them to go straight from the phone. This could be any type of multi media of the makers choice. An application is needed in order to read the code. The application can be downloaded right from the marketplace on the users phone.

You have to offer a need or interest for the consumer to scan the code. You have to give them something that will benefit them, that they have not came across yet. Try to give out special deals, coupons, or free offers. This gives them a big reason to scan the code. Although, you do not want to overload them or 'spam' them with offers each and every day. You do not want to sign them up with anything. They should be able to get a 'no strings attached' type deal when they scan your code to get the offers. They do not want to hear from you again unless they bring the information from your code back up again on their phone.

Other angles are now being implemented when it comes to these code. Hotels, are one of the businesses making a change on how to use QR codes. They have decided to put it in their customer service plan. They have been placed in elevators, at the front desk, message boards, on the cards in the rooms of the guests, and all over the lobby. This allows the guests to find out more about their hotel, their surrounding, and so much more if they are new to the hotel and the area.

The user can be directed to the website that the hotel owns. The blog for the hotel is where recommendations, tips, favorites, and other things are shown for what to do around the area if you're new to it. Social media pages can also be visited from this place on their website. There is a lot for them to look at, visit, and do when they scan the QR code. The guest service is then increased because all of their information is on a website. The guests do not have to ask a lot of the staff questions anymore when they have the information on the QR codes throughout the hotel.

It is a system that is being recommended a lot of hotels throughout the area. This is because previous hotels have had encouraging and positive effects. Make sure to include a call to action to your guests to get them to scan the code. You also want to make sure that they have directions on how the codes work if they are unfamiliar with using them. Create a cool landing page, and make sure they get the answers they need while staying at your hotel.

You can give them promotional items, discounts, and other things when the time comes to increase views on your QR code. You're also able to show new people where the visitor center is, and if they need any tourist information. Put QR codes in your customer service plan for your hotel today.